PVC Rigid Films

MSEPL manufactures the highest quality PVC Rigid films for a wide variety of applications including non-toxic food/pharmaceutical grade ones. High Impact, Medium Impact and Low Impact. Colour range includes natural, Blue-tone, Amber colour or any other colour/tone.


  • Packaging of tablets, capsules, syringes, needles, ampoules, vials, suppository packs, ointment tubes, medical kits and surgical dressings
  • Films designed for blister, tray and clamshell packaging for products from cosmetics, consumer electronics, to household goods and toys
  • Packaging of chocolates, cakes, pastries, lozenges, biscuits and chewing gums
  • Cold Form Foil (Alu-Alu) [60 microns PVC film]
  • Cards (Debit/Credit, Driver’s License, other IDs)

Salient Features

  • Outstanding thermoforming properties
  • Pharma grade- non-toxic, free from plasticisers and heavy metals.
  • Good De-nesting properties
  • Cold crack resistance – Freezer Grade
  • High quality printability
  • High gloss and outstanding clarity
  • Available with different levels of impact strengths: Low, Medium & High
  • Good punch-ability
  • Excellent heat-sealing properties
  • Available in a wide range of transparent and opaque colours


  • Thickness: 30-500 microns
  • Width: Up to 1.2 metres
  • High Impact, Medium Impact and Low Impact