PVC Heat Shrink Films

One of the most commonly-used shrink packaging material in the world due to its light-weight and inexpensive multi-purpose capabilities.



  • Food items, gift baskets/items, sweet boxes
  • Electrical items including wires and cables
  • Other product areas such as stationery items, toys, books, soaps, sports goods, video/audio tapes,
    gaming & software.


  • Bottles of water, juice, soft drink, liquor, edible oil and milk, hair oil, washing liquid, Powder,perfume, shampoo
  • Jars of pickle, jam, Tea, Coffee, spices, Ghee, etc.
  • Containers of yogurt, tablets.

Salient Features

  • Good Tensile Strength/Higher resistance to propagation of tear
  • Excellent transparency/crystal clear shrink films
  • Coloured/tinted shrink films for gift baskets
  • Excellent printability
  • Uniform and consistent shrinkage
  • High shrink ability at comparatively lower temperatures
  • Resistance to moisture/oil
  • High Gloss, Wrinkle Free
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Can be used for both automatic and manual
  • Reduced energy consumption during packaging process: Easy application and fast shrinking


  • Product Range :Transparent (Natural & Blue Tone) , Colored-Pigmented and printed
  • Thickness :18 to 40 microns and any other required thickness of customer
  • Width :Different Width as per customer requirement up to 1500 mm.
  • Printability : Easy to print on both gravure and flexo-printing machines and available in both Unprinted and Printed Form. It does not require any surface treatment during printing.
  • Shrinkage :TD shrinkage is 50% across the web and MD shrinkage 4% maximum.